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    After 10 successful years known as Vietnam NGO, we've renamed the CD Fund. We now deliver capacity development and traing across all of sectors, contribute to sustainable development all over Vietnam and region, lead and support the policy-governance -rule of law work of development sector in country, becoming the most independent think tank, build up partnership and shared value with corporate business sector, promote effective aid of development partners, coach and empower youth and for development, self toward transparency and accountability organisation.

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    Investment guidance, training and transfer of youth enthusiasm, experience and commitment to the development of the strategic focus in the next 10 years of the Fund CD. Y4D "The younger generation for development" is a national program with regional models "open minded" will be designed and implemented starting in 2014.

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Welcome to Cooperation and Development Foundation

Cooperation and Development Foundation desires, towards a society in which "people" have been full of life both physically and mentally. A society that no longer poor and vulnerable people, social equality, prosperity and civilization. Our mission is to support the "People", "community" organizations, businesses, and particularly young people develop the capacity and ability to be transferred in the social sectors, and the law books, green growth and sustainable development, connectivity and development cooperation to strengthen economic, social, institutional ...
The target for social equality and the community has always been at the forefront of the Strategy for Cooperation and Development Foundation.  Special emphasis on Gender Equality, equal opportunity and access to legal, policy, rights and benefits, equality in economic development, livelihoods and equality for the poor and disadvantaged in the work of Development Development and Cooperation. The principle of voluntary and committed throughout Cooperation and Development.
Sustainability and efficiency are fundamental guarantee of the results and efforts of the Fund in Cooperation and Development, in order to achieve the goals and expectations.

National development, social development, NGOs, the Vietnamese government needs to change and adapt, or will not develop. Construction photos, new organizational format appropriate agenda trend of globalization and integration, content and professional activities effectively, capacity class is golden key, secret development and long-term success ...National development, social development, NGOs, the Vietnamese government needs to change and adapt, or will not develop. Construction photos, new organizational format appropriate agenda trend of globalization and integration, content and professional activities effectively, capacity class is golden key, secret development and long-term success ...



The Cooperation and Development Foundation is an NGO that is working towards a society in which “people” will be brimming of life both physcially and mentally. A society that no longer has poor and vulnerable citizens but rather educated and developed “Global Citizens”. With social equality, the even prosperity and development of Vietnam’s civilization in it’s core values, the Cooperation and Development Foundation has set out to do various activies in collaboration with the Vietnamese government to help Vietnam adapt to the up and coming trend of globalization and intergration found around the world. These activities can be seperated in to multiple phases: A Beginning, A Climax and an End. Very similar to any piece of literacy, there will be a “Development” taken place through out this whole journey.

Our beginning has started with the a newly built model for youth leaders named the “Young Female Leaders Alliance” that took place 4 years ago. This model built an open minded playground for the development of youthful, female leaders, elite individuals and for the representatives of thousands of student clubs, youth clubs around the country.  This “playground” supplied to the young generation and society as a whole, the intellegent human sources that have been cultivated and trained in the quintessence of each field, particularly “Media, Leadership and Development” by the “Council of Coach” which is made up by the most successful individuals in every field of society. This has resulted in a significant positive impact on the development of women, young women in particular and in the development of society in general.

Some of the key events were the eloquence competition on the topic of “Honesty” hosted by  the Cooperation and Development Foundation in collaboration with VTV6, Gconcept and World Bank which was started on the 20/4/2014 until 30/5/2014. This has gathered hundreds of student representatives from all over the country to give to society their own dynamic, three-dimensional and creative views on societal issues through an “Honest” medium to speak their mind outwards. This series of eloquent events ended in a resounding success by spreading awareness of certain societal problems that exists within today’s younger generation in a more detailed and honest manner. Also the “Young Female Leaders Alliance” has found itself 8 new excellent young leaders through these evemts to help pursue it’s endeavors.

After the first big success, the “Young Female Leaders Alliance” carried out multiple training sessions for the “young female leaders” themselves held by the “Council of Coaches” which included the most successful individuals in each field of society. This includes Mr. Peter Lysholt Hansen, who was the ambassador in office of Vietnam disccussing about certain “hot” topics about politics, enviroment and society with the young leaders. Ms. Phan Thị Thu Hiền, a leading expert on gender logistics at the UNFPA discussing about “gender-specific” topics with the young female leaders. Mr. Tiến, a Sales Consultant with 20 years of experience under his belt, further trained the leaders to be more well-adept and to be more educated in the field of “Sales” and “Marketing”. Mr. Vũ Tuấn Minh, a professional legal counsel for UNDP, talked about the “Rules of Law” with the young leaders. A meet and greet with Mr. Đàm Vĩnh Hưng, a famous Vietnamese singer, was also hosted later on by the Cooperation and Development Foundation for the young leaders where Mr. Đàm talked about “Learning from the Famous”.

On the 28/8/2014, the night time debate event on the topic “Towards the Sea” was succesfully hosted by the “Young Female Leaders Alliance”. Right afterwards, the C&D Foundation took the first leap from the North to South by hosting the very first series of events in collaboration with the World Bank in HCM city for students within the proximity about the topic “Information, Life and Law for the Youth”. A survey and data research paper was also produced for open-use was also produced from this event.

Marking a new year the “Young Female Leaders Alliance” returned with a big event “Going Offshore” at the Hanoi Law University under the supervision of the Cooperation and Developemnt Foundation with the sponsorship of PARAFF. This event included a training session for “The Access of Information for the Young” (the training session was hosted by Professor Hoàng Văn Nghĩa – Vice President at the Institute of Human Right’s Research in HCM City), a eloquence competition  on the topic of “The Place for Talent to Thrive”, and another eloquence compeition on the topic of “Youth’s Desire” all taking place at the Hồng Hà hotel in Hanoi. During Febuary a charity event “Love Tet” was held at Vườn Tre 264 Âu Cơ in Hanoi, It was a festival filled with “love” and multiple traditional heritages from different regions all across Vietnam in the past until now. All fees were donated to help minorities in the mountainous areas and this event also helped a lot of people experience Tet in a more traditional and exotic way. Finally the “Youth’s Training” 2015 program hosted by Yculture, Yleader and YthinkTank branched out to 3 different regions in HCM City, Da Nang and Hanoi.

This concluded the major events that sparked the wild success of the “Youth” programmes that the Cooperation and Development Foundation has set out to create ending Phase one of the initial goal. Now begins Phase two! After a … year break, the Foundation is back to fullfilling it’s initial endeavors. This time with an even younger generation all from the root. The program is now mainly to give Primary and Secondary pupils the Leadership experience that will not only help cultivate their skills but also entice them to make it both an educational and fun experience for the young. Look forward to more information coming up!


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Social significance. Effective individual
"Cooperation and Development Foundation to have its own characteristics, the brand strives to become National and International" original core objective, long-term, cross-cutting Cooperation and Development Foundation is contributing strongly promote population all in society to all citizens to actively contribute to the country's rapid development and sustainability.
In fact history has proven that, not ever collective opinion is correct. The problem is to appreciate, for marketing, to listen to chisel off the supernatant. Understanding the inner root of Development Cooperation and wide as well, "fast and sustainable development" is very large, depending on strength and power in each period that Development Cooperation Foundation and selected key priority directions First in order to support, sponsor, like new practical and efficient.




  • ASEAN Youth Forum Debate is officially started

    18:34 | 04/06/2016

    ASEAN Youth Forum Debate on the Environment takes place officially on a warming hall of Hong Ha hotel in Hanoi at 19.00 on 29th June, 2016.

  • ASEAN Youth Debate about Environment Forum Training

    17:58 | 29/05/2016

    At 2p.m on 29th May, delegations of ASEAN young children have been present at Hong Ha Hotel, Ha Noi in order to attend the training for the official event “ASEAN Youth Debate about Environment Forum”.

  • "Young leaders" of ASEAN debate about environment

    10:01 | 29/05/2016

    For the first time, on 29/5 evening, young people from ASEAN countries will have a chance a to show what they think about a global issue - evironment. This event will be held in the YLeader Forum at Hồng Hà Hotel - Hanoi. It is sponsored by YThinkTank, YNGO and GreenY

  • Asean Children Festival 2016

    08:50 | 12/05/2016

    Proud to be one of the co-organizers of Asean Children Festival 2016, (ACF2016), Cooperation and Development Foundation (CDF), NGO for/of youth (YNGO), Young Think Tank Institute (thinktank YVN) dedicate you a chance to become volunteers of the Festival.

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Secretariat: 01275771188
Email: secretariat@cdfund.org.vn

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