Asean Children Festival 2016

08:50 | 12/05/2016

Proud to be one of the co-organizers of Asean Children Festival 2016, (ACF2016), Cooperation and Development Foundation (CDF), NGO for/of youth (YNGO), Young Think Tank Institute (thinktank YVN) dedicate you a chance to become volunteers of the Festival.
Asean Children Festival 2016

ASEAN Children Festival is a cultural exchange space for children (aged 12-15 years) among countries in the ASEAN region.
Time: 28/5 - 06/03/2016
Location: Hanoi

With the desire to organize a success Festival with hospitality and professionalism for the children this summer, the organizer board inform recruitment for 60 volunteers to participate in supporting the event.

Link register in Vietnamese: (for 25 volunteers TV)
Link register in English: (for 35 volunteers)

Registration application period: 8/5 - 13/05/2016
Interview: 14/05/2016-15/05/2016
Training: 15/ 5-20 / 5/2016

* Criteria of Volunteers:
- Age: 16-25 years old
- Priority of who are living in Hanoi
- Ability to interact well with children, you can be prefered with the artistic talent (singing, storytelling ...)
- High sense of responsibility, good team-work abilities.
- Ability to communicate in English well is prefered

* The work of volunteers ASEAN Children's Festival 2016:
- Take on/ Take off delegations at the airport, from hotels to the confirmed destinations
- Participate to supports the organizers in take care the delegations to visit Hanoi, to practice the entertainment shows.

* Benefits of volunteers:
- To attend short-term training courses of the organizer to finalize the communication skills, teamwork skills, time management skills in service work at the Festival.
- Certificate of Festival organizer
- Well-funded lunch.

* Duties of volunteers:
- Commit to participate fully in training courses organized by ACF2016.
- Undertaking the work of the volunteers at the festival as assigned by ACF2016

Hotline: 0979543992 (Ms. Trang); 0984989369 (Mr Nhan); 0945821194 (Ms Nghi)

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