"Young leaders" of ASEAN debate about environment

10:01 | 29/05/2016

For the first time, on 29/5 evening, young people from ASEAN countries will have a chance a to show what they think about a global issue - evironment. This event will be held in the YLeader Forum at Hồng Hà Hotel - Hanoi. It is sponsored by YThinkTank, YNGO and GreenY
"Young leaders" of ASEAN debate about environment

       Three teams include young leaders from Asean countries aging from 9 to 15 will join the event with teams of students from excellent middle schools and high schools in Hanoi and representatives of Asian young debate forum on environment. we are looking forward to have a lot of outstanding ideas about this issues tonight

       Asian youth forum debate on environment is one of the most important event on asian children festival 2016 sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sport amd Tourism, CDF foundation, VTV6 and Phuong Dong Media. this event have the participant of young leader from different countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Phillipine, Indonesia, Singapore, Laos and Vietnam. Asean children festival 2016 wants to celebrate Children International Day on the first of June as well as improve young people skill about debating, critical thinking, problem solving and so on

      With the target to focus young people on the global issues, asian youth forum debate on environment is truly a meaningful event in asian children festival - held for the first time in vietnam

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