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In the evening of 05/22/2015 in Hong Ha Hotel , Youth Forum "INFORMATION, COMMUNICATION AND TRANSPARENCY" held by new NGO - YLeader and the other CBO networks such as YCulture , YThinkTank, YMedia under the auspices of the Cooperation and Development Foundation took place successfully.


The dialogue is pleased to welcome speakers such as Mr Le Doan Hop, Former Minister of Information & Communications; Mr. Stefan Hochhuth, experts in Practice Governance  of the World Bank; Mr. Mai Phan Loi, Chairman of the Scientific Council MEC, deputy general secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Law newspaper office. Forum is honored to welcome the presence of representatives of the Council of Administration in CDF: Ms. Pham Thuy Anh, President of Cooperation and Development Foundation; Tran Thuy Lan, CEO of CDF. Particularly, the hall was filled with more than 50 students from all the universities in Hanoi.

Discussion began with the sharing of Mr. Le Doan Hop - Former Minister of Information and Communication on the concept of "5T"; 5 clauses Information - Intelligence - Brands - Spirituality - Charity always have the connection and parallel to create an environment of information transparency and efficiency. Answering question of Nguyen Quang Hien from Ha Noi University of Technology on "Is the future of traditional books have been completely replaced by the smartphone?", He said we should take advantage of technology and social networks, especially public media, this has attracted a lot of problems to light, but of course we have to control the situation, at present 31% of the readers towards electronic media but newspapers and books, still have certain positions, and especially in rural areas not eligible for access to modern facilities.


Mr. Le Doan Hop - Former Minister of Information and Communication

Next, the seminar received the opinion from journalists Mai Phan Loi, sharing the importance of social networking in information issues, especially facebook tool, even the journalists also took advantage of this to call public opinion. Also answer question of Pham Tan Phat from Posts and Telecommunications Academy about Facebook changing algorithm may affect the community. Mr Loi said Facebook is a free tool, but in fact they are doing Business on the user's information, what we publish, the like button, share comments from the fanpage make them for a profit. The problem is that whether users have enough wisdom and insight to "own" their information on Facebook or not.


Mr. Mai Phan Loi, sharing the importance of social networking in information issues

Perhaps the young participants have increasingly talk more excited when they heard the very interesting sharing Mr.Stefan Hochhuth-professionals from the World Bank, - ICT and governance. Mr.Stefan gave very practical examples from countries around the world in the use of information and communication technologies and expand the participation of citizens in the governance of water in the new trend. Mr.Stefan has shown the benefits that transparency in governance that brought a lot of inspiration and motivation for change for young people present in the discussion.


Mr.Stefan Hochhuth- professionals from the World Bank, - ICT and governance

Seminar ended successfully left many interesting and useful lessons for young people, particularly young leaders full of enthusiasm and desire to contribute to the community and society. Maybe that new NGOs YLeader youth in particular and Vietnam youth in general need to learn and improve further to be able to develop themselves and then spread to social values.


Young participants are sharing idea at the dialouge

YMedia- Communication and Media Organization for Youth



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